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Wedding Photography on Campus

The Beautiful Ithaca Campus has wonderful locations for you to take photographs as a couple or with your wedding party. Conference & Event Services has partnered with University Relations to ensure that we can easily accommodate requests.

Wedding parties who wish to have a private photographer on campus must register with University Relations. Our team at Conference & Event Services can register for you. Speak with your Planner to share the details of your photography. This is covered in the planning fee and will not result in additional charges.

If you would prefer to have your photographer complete the form, please have them do so at this link.

Information regarding photography on campus can be found on University Relations' Filming on Campus website found at this link. Photography for weddings and other private events are viewed as Commercial Recordings. Please note that the daily fee listed at University Relations website is not charged for weddings; it is rather for large commercial productions.

Take a look at some common photography locations listed below:

  • Sage Chapel
  • Anabel Taylor Chapel
  • Cornell Botanic Gardens
  • A.D. White Library
  • A.D. White Gardens
  • West Campus War Memorial
  • Johnson Museum Mallin Sculpture Court

The Cornell Botanic Gardens require additional attestation from the wedding party or photographer before you are allowed to take photographs on their grounds. Please read and sign the attestation at this link.

The A.D. White Library requires additional reservation of the space, please let your Conference Planner know if you would like to take photos in this space, or fill out this form.

Cornell University must approve anyone wishing to use a drone at the university and require additional information and verification prior to the requested drone operation. Cornell’s position on drones, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, local community standards and established drone industry safety practices set the parameters for approved drone use on university property.