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Special Events


Cornell's beautiful campus and buildings form a memorable backdrop for any kind of special event, or student gala. Conference and Event Services has the expertise to support you in every step of organizing your Gala. We offer services such as developing captivating theme, selecting the perfect venue, coordinating check-ins, designing the event program, arranging exquisite decorations, managing ticketing and much more. Our experienced Conference and Event Planners are well-versed in planning successful Galas and are ready to help make your event a success. Trust us to handle all the details of your gala and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Holiday Parties

At Conference and Event Services at Cornell, we extend our specialized support to ensure your holiday parties and gatherings are nothing short of spectacular. With a wealth of experience in event management, we guide you through every stage of organizing your festivities. From brainstorming delightful themes to securing the ideal venue that captures the essence of the season, we tailor our services to your vision. Our dedicated team orchestrates seamless check-ins, crafts engaging programs, and coordinates exquisite decorations that evoke the spirit of the holidays. Moreover, we streamline the ticketing process, ensuring smooth accessibility for your guests. Leveraging our extensive network of trusted vendors, we ensure that every detail, from catering to entertainment, contributes to the magic of your event. Entrust us with the intricate planning of your holiday gatherings, and let us create cherished memories that will linger long after the season has passed.

Services of Remembrance

A Service of Remembrance is time set aside to remember and honor the life of a Student, Faculty, Staff, or Alumni who has died. It is a formal gathering for friends and family. A Service of Remembrance can be either a public or private event.

Anyone who knew the deceased or who has been affected by the loss may attend this service: friends, acquaintances, classmates, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, teammates, departmental colleagues, administrators, etc. and Family.

Most often the Chapel in Anabel Taylor Hall is used because of its intimacy. Sometimes Sage Chapel is used if the number who might attend is more than 100. Services often last an hour or less.

The format of a Service of Remembrance can vary depending upon the needs and desires of the organizers. A typical Service might include:

  • Brief remembrances—some prepared, some spontaneous
  • Musical selections—either instrumental, vocal, and/or congregational
  • Readings from religious texts or poetry
  • Brief words by an official of the University
  • Opening and closing remarks by the leader of the Service

When appropriate, some religious elements might be included in the service — i.e., candles, prayers, litanies, hymns, etc.

Anyone with a public-speaking skill who is comfortable in front of a group may lead the service. Joel Harter, Associate Dean of Students for Spirituality and Meaning-Making (OSMM) and Director of Cornell United Religious Work (CURW) may be available to recommend CURW-affiliated chaplains who may also be available to preside.

The content of the program for the Service is determined by family, friends, or by the University department of the student who died. Staff from Conference and Event Services, the OSMM, and CURW are available to advise and consult on program content.

Other considerations

Below are some changes that we have instituted, in partnership with the Dean of Students Office, regarding Services of Remembrance for students, faculty, staff, and alumni:

Dean of Students will host an annual Service of Remembrance to honor all students and employees who have passed in the last year. The Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making and the Cornell United Religious Works will not directly provide support to any other Services of Remembrance.

Conference and Event Services can book Sage or Anabel Taylor Hall Chapels for Faculty, staff, alumni, or affiliates if they desire and can provide planning or event support, including AV support. 

The Service of Remembrance organizers should consider the following and their potential fees:

  • Orders of Service or Programs
  • Musicians
  • Outside officiants
  • Reception venues
  • Catering

Conference and Event Services and the Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making will offer assistance as needed with various logistics, including making room reservations, suggesting musicians and/or officiants, and/or consulting on Service content.

Sage Chapel and Anabel Taylor Chapel do not allow for remains or caskets in the space.