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Wedding Parking


Your Conference and Event Planner will work with you to determine appropriate parking once you know your wedding date, venues, and guest count. We can assist in making the best plans possible.

Getting Started

Start making parking and mobility arrangements as soon as the event date is established. Parking options will consider space availability, the time of year, event locations, and guest count.

Standard Parking Locations

Hoy Garage (Central Campus) is near Sage Chapel, Anabel Taylor, the Statler Hotel, and Willard Straight Hall. The garage has many parking spaces available for cars and has no fees for weekend use. 

TRB Lot (Vet College) is the ideal parking location for shuttle buses.

Accessible Parking

We have accessible spaces throughout campus. During the week Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm. To use a space, a valid Cornell accessible permit and a valid state placard must be displayed.

Starting at 5:00pm during the week and all day weekends, the only requirement to use an accessible space is to display a valid state placard. There are several locations with accessible parking near Sage Chapel: Sage Avenue, Sage South, Central Avenue, Willard Straight Hall, and Day Hall. Accessible spaces are not able to be reserved. Day Hall has the most spaces and it is the closest to Sage Chapel. Day Hall has ten accessible spaces.