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Beverage Service

Alcohol Services

We proudly feature domestic, imported, and award-winning Finger lakes wine and beers. Minimum $250 for beverage service, which may vary depending on the style and length of your event. An 18% service charge applies. In place of a full bar, Cornell Catering works with the event planner to create several pre-batched specialty cocktails to offer to guests.

Cornell Catering requires a minimum bar charge, which depends on the style and length of your event.

See Classic Catering menus for more information on bar pricing and products.

Small-batch cocktail from Cornell Catering.


Liquor Licenses

The New York State Liquor Authority, Divison of Alcohol Beverage Control, requires a special use permit, currently $60.00, for each stand-alone bar that is set up at a catered event.

Alcoholic beverage permit applications must be processed at least 15 business days before the event and are nonrefundable. Our team will assist you in determining the number of bars recommended based on your guest count and location.

Big Red Barn, Robert Purcell Community Center and Willard Straight Hall do not require special use permits, as they hold permanent liquor licenses. If your event is outdoors, please provide a weather backup that we may list on the application.

Donated Alcohol

Wine is subject to a $20.00 per bottle corkage fee, and beer is a $20.00 per case fee.

Please provide Cornell Catering with distributor contact information for shipping details confirmation.

Each box must be clearly labeled with the event name and date.

Donated alcohol must be received five (5) business days before your event is scheduled.

Client is responsible for removing donated alcohol at the end of each event.

Alcohol Service Policy

We are required to verify identification and age.

We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to individuals or groups at any time and will follow New York State laws regarding the sale of alcohol to intoxicated or underage individuals.

Alcohol service must be limited to a four-hour time period, and close one half-hour before the end of your event.

Cornell University and its Risk Management policies required trained service staff at all events with alcohol.

As a licensed caterer, we must provide all of the alcohol for your event. The only exception to this is when alcohol is donated in accordance with the procedure.