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Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is for guests staying in University housing, June-August. 

How do I contact the Conference and Event Services team?

Call 24 hours a day for assistance or housing questions: (607) 255-6214

Stop by a service desk in person:

  • Guests staying on North Campus – 1st-floor Service Center desk in Robert Purcell Community Center
  • Guests staying on West Campus – Ground floor office in Hans Bethe House
  • Guests staying in Collegetown – 2nd-floor Service Center desk in Cascadilla Hall

Please contact us for assistance about any of the following topics:

  • Conference questions or needs
  • Room repair or maintenance requests
  • Housekeeping requests
  • Fan rentals
  • Personal care items and toiletries
  • Transportation and travel arrangements
  • Dining facilities
  • or any other questions or concerns

Are there any common-area phones I can use?

Residence halls have common-area phones for emergency, campus, local, and toll-free calls. Long-distance calls made on common phones require a long-distance phone card.

  • On-campus directory assistance: dial 0
  • On-campus calls: dial the last 5 digits of the phone number (4-XXXX or 5-XXXX)
  • Off-campus calls: dial "9" before dialing the phone number (long-distant calls require a long-distance phone card)

What are some important phone numbers I might need to use?

  • Emergency: 911
  • Cornell Police: (607) 255-1111
  • Lost and Found: (607) 255-7197
  • Cornell Health: (607) 255-5155
  • Cornell Information Technologies HelpDesk: (607) 255-8990, ext. 3
  • Conference and Event Services 24-Hour Summer Desk: (607)-255-6214

What happens if I lose my keys, or leave them in my room?

You have been provided keys to your room/suite, and a housing ID card to access your building. Please remember to always keep them with you to avoid losing them or getting locked out of your residence. Both must be returned when you check out, or you will be charged up to $25 for the door access card and up to $190 for the room/suite key (prices are subject to change).

  • Lost or damaged keys/door access cards – If you lose or damage your key and/or door access card, please contact the Conference Services office immediately so a new set may be issued as soon as possible. Please note that the charges above apply to lost or damaged keys/cards.
  • Lockouts – If you are accidentally locked out of your room or suite, you will be issued a temporary key to access your accommodations. Please visit your community's service desk (see above). After hours, call (607) 255-6214 for assistance.

Are there any electricity/power limitations in my room?

Hand-held hair dryers generally exceed the room's power limit and should be used in bathrooms only. The electrical current in most guest rooms is limited to six amperes. The maximum simultaneous power draw allowed for lights and appliances is about 550 watts. The circuit breaker for the room will disconnect all power in the room if that limit is exceeded. To restore your electricity, flip the circuit breaker switch in your room. You may also call the Conference and Event Services 24-hour Summer Desk at (607) 255-6214.

Are there laundry facilities I can use?

Washing machines and dryers are located in each residence hall. For specific locations in each building, call the Conference and Event Services 24-hour Summer Desk at (607) 255-6214.

Where can I get something to eat?

Visit Cornell Dining's Where to Eat page. You can also find out what's open now, and view a map of Cornell Dining eateries.

What about vending machines?

Vending machines are located in most residence halls. If you're having trouble locating a vending machine near you, call the Conference and Event Services 24-Hour Summer Desk at (607)-255-6214

What if I have a housekeeping or maintenance question or an issue?

If you have a housekeeping issue in your room, or a maintenance or repair request, please contact the Conference and Event Services 24-Hour Summer Desk at (607)-255-6214 and we will submit a facilities maintenance request to resolve your issue.

Is there Wi-Fi available for guests?

Cornell provides Wi-Fi Internet connectivity in all of our residence hall rooms. Wi-Fi is also available in most common areas on campus. Wireless access is available by connecting to the Cornell Visitor Wi-Fi network. You will need to register your device daily. Please note, Cornell Visitor does not support email applications. You will need to access your email via web browser.

For secure Wi-Fi: If you are part of a participating institution or have a Cornell NetID, you can access Eduroam with your NetID and password.

You may also contact the Cornell Information Technologies Help Desk during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm) at (607) 255-8990, ext. 3

Where can I send and receive mail?

  • Outgoing mail – You may drop stamped letters and packages (not heavier than 16oz) to be mailed at any of the service desk locations listed above. Robert Purcell Community Center's service desk accepts pre-paid FedEx and UPS packages. There is also USPS PostMarket located in The Cornell Store, where you can buy stamps and packing materials, and mail first class, priority, and overnight express.
  • Receiving mail – You may pick up mail at the Service Center desk at Robert Purcell Community Center on North Campus. Your address on campus: Your name / 107 Jessup Rd / Program or conference name / Cornell University / Ithaca, NY 14853.

Are there any rules that I should be aware of?


All guests are expected to abide by common standards of respect and courtesy for fellow guests, Cornell staff, and other visitors on campus. Excessive noise, harassment, and disruptive behavior can be grounds for removal from University property.


Under New York State Law, no one under the age of 21 may consume or possess alcohol. Guests who are over 21 may not purchase alcohol for minors, and may not drink in the presence of any minors other than their roommates. No one may possess, use, or dispense illegal drugs or controlled substances on University property. Anyone who violates these rules is subject to police intervention and eviction from campus.


Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings, including residence halls. Guests may smoke outside but must be a minimum of 30 feet away from building entrances. If a conference guest is found smoking inside a building, Cornell Conference Services reserves the right to have that individual removed from University property.


For your personal security, please keep your door locked at all times, even when you are in your room, and always carry your keys with you. The University is not liable for loss or damage to your personal property. Most residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. To prevent unauthorized people from entering the residence halls, do not prop building doors open.