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Campus Policies and Guidelines

Helpful and important links to campus policies.

Event Guidelines
University Events Team (UET) guidelines for events and meetings on campus.

Scheduling Space for Events
The website contains information and links to help you schedule space for an event, meeting, info session, social gathering, access to important academic dates and information, and much more.

Children and Youth Safety at Cornell University
Cornell University expects all members of the university community to create and maintain a safe and ethical environment for minors, through appropriate background checks, training, reporting, and control of access to university facilities. Cornell promotes and provides a standard of operation that is in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding minors demonstrate sound fiscal responsibility and reduces institutional liability. Toward that end, the University seeks to maintain and continuously improve a safe and ethical environment for minors, free from the threat of physical injuries, emotional harm, abuse, and neglect. Additionally, the University wishes to encourage all faculty, staff, and students to become supporters for actively creating a safe environment.