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Cornell Chimes

Cornell's bells are the University's oldest musical tradition and the heartbeat of campus life.

Weddings and Specialty Concerts

Cornell Chimesmasters are available to play for your wedding or special event. Concerts may be scheduled before or after your ceremony but must be during your allotted timeslot. Start times for concerts before the event/ceremony may be pre-set. For concerts after the event/ceremony, someone must call the Chimesmasters to begin the concert.

The Cornell Chimesmasters have a large and diverse music library with more than 3,000 musical pieces in the genres of classical, hymns, Broadway/show tunes, Disney/movie themes, classic and modern rock/pop, as well as original compositions.


You may select specific music or ask the Chimesmaster to choose the concert selections for you. Review wedding music options. For specialty concerts, including memorial services, please consult with the head Chimesmaster for appropriate music suggestions from the library.

Learn more about requesting a concert for your special event at the link here.