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Planning Your Catered Event

From event planning to execution, we will carefully review each detail to ensure you can give your guests a memorable experience and that we exceed your expectations. To get started after your location has been secured, tell us more about your event! Send us an event inquiry, and a member of our team will reach out to you within two business days.

Scheduling Your Event

Cornell Catering is a full-service caterer, with three tiers of service.  Each tier is designed specifically to meet our clients' wide array of catering needs, so the possibilities are endless!

Express Catering events can be placed by email at, or by phone at 607-255-555.

For events that meet a $450 food and beverage minimum, we can work from our Classic Catering menus. We pride ourselves on offering delicious food and exceptional service. Attended service includes buffet table linens and catering staff to setup, monitor service, and clean up after the event. An 18% service charge applies.

China/glassware, Dish Truck dishware, disposable classicware, or standard disposable serviceware options are available for an additional charge.

Our Classic Catering menu can be viewed online here, and you can inquire about our availability to cater your event here.

In order that we may best assist you, please have the following information on hand when contacting our team:

  • Contact Information
    • Primary Contact Person: name, email, phone number
    • On-site Contact Person: name email, cell phone number
  • Event Information
    • Date and day of the event
    • Start and end times
    • Estimated number of guests
    • Service style
    • Menu
    • Bar and beverage service
    • Payment method (account number or deposit)
  • Location Information
    • Building: name floor, room number/name
    • Room diagram and back-of-house location
    • Building Contact Person: name, email, phone number
    • Inclement weather location (if applicable)

Delivery and Pickup Service 

When working from Classic Catering menus, some events can be set as a delivery and pickup. This service includes buffet linens and reusable platters and equipment. Catering staff will deliver, set up catering, and return at the end to remove everything, including any catering waste. 

There is a delivery fee of $125.

Reserving your Space

Cornell Catering has provided services to events inside and outside, in offices and under tents, in banquet halls, and private residences. Regardless of your event location, Cornell Catering is committed to providing the best service to you. As a unit of Cornell Dining, Cornell Catering is the exclusive caterer in Dining and Student and Campus Life managed locations. Cornell Catering does not facilitate rentals or reservations, but can help connect you with Dining partners and provide insight into spaces. 

Cornell Catering is uniquely qualified to provide the best possible experience for you and your guests, read more about why below.

Cornell Catering has developed 3 distinct styles of service, and menus designed to fit perfectly into each. Whatever kind of event you envision, we have a plan for making it perfect. The summary of these services are shown below in the chart, and the styles of events that fit into each service are detailed below 

Other Considerations

Once you have determined an event date, size, and location, there are sometimes still even more factors to consider in planning, and while our specialty is in excellent food and beverage service, we have a range of expertise, experience, and resources to help you execute the perfect event. Some of these factors are also covered in our policies and procedures, and include:

  • Guarantee Counts 
  • Children’s Pricing 
  • Cancellations 
  • Service Charge 
  • Billing Procedures 
  • Service ware & Enhancements
  • Assistance with rental supplies and equipment, including china and glassware
  • Facilitation of floral orders 

Beverage service is another important factor to consider at your event.

  • Alcohol Services 
  • Liquor Licenses 
  • Beer, Wine, and Soda Bar Service
  • Full bar service is not available, but signature and custom specialty cocktails are!
  • Alcohol Service Policy 
  • Beverages 

We are eager to help you plan and execute your next memorable event, contact us for more information! We are excited to work with you.