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Summer Program Dining

Cornell Dining takes food allergies, intolerances and other special dietary needs seriously. Our culinary teams are trained annually on safe preparation of allergen free meals and we are passionate about finding safe options for our students. In our Residential Dining Locations, we label for the major allergens (soy, egg, milk, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish and sesame) that are inherently found in our menu options. We also identify areas of high risk for our students with food allergies including foods produced in shared oil, and at high risk for cross contact including baked goods and ice cream. We have purple allergy awareness signage throughout our dining halls to help identify areas of high risk. You can learn more about our process here. If you or your child is sensitive or allergic to an item that we do NOT label for, or if Cross Contact is a concern, please fill out the form here at least 14 days prior to the guest’s arrival date so that we can provide appropriate options for you/your child.