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Student Employment - Student Event Assistant

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Position Summary

Conference Services hosts over 12,000 guests participating in conferences, meetings, and programs throughout the summer. The Summer Operations Associate works closely with the Conference Planners, Summer Operations Professional Staff, and Student Managers to help coordinate meetings, conferences, special programs, and special events for university departments and university-sponsored groups. The position is responsible for providing excellent customer services while working with conferences, facilitators, and participants.  Responsibility includes service desk operations, guest services, event execution, & maintaining an open line of communication with Conference Planners and Student Managers. 

Required Qualifications

  • Current full-time Cornell student and/or registered as a full-time student in Fall 2023
  • Must be patient, courteous, professional, and have strong customer-service skills
  • Knowledge of computers, Excel, Word and have the ability to learn new software
  • Able to work independently and in a dynamic fast-paced team environment
  • Excellent interpersonal, hospitality, and customer service skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of campus and community services
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and keen attention to detail
  • Readily adaptable to change, resourceful, and able to solve problems quickly and creatively
  • Job history of dependability


Front Desk Customer Service
  • Welcome guests promptly and professionally; answer questions and make referrals.
  • Perform opening and closing procedures and reconcile cash register. 
  • Check-in conference attendees, distribute keys and access cards, and collect fees.
  • Process payments for housing, dining, activity, parking, laundry, and other services using the cash register, credit card machine, and StarRez housing software.
  • Provide information and concierge services to visitors, conference attendees, and conference facilitators.
  • Maintain a thorough understanding of current conferences and who is responsible for what within the department, Campus Life, and the University to be able to direct customers correctly.
  • Process service requests to maintain residential and Community Center facilities. Determine the level of urgency per established policies.
  • Mail processing to include receiving, processing, & forwarding.
  • Overnight on-call service hours to address guest needs and check-ins and check guests in after hours.
Summer Operations Logistics
  • Assist with planning and coordination of conferences according to the needs of each specific group.
  • Prepare for and work at events including key management, check-ins, checkouts, catered functions, meetings, and presentations.
  • Serve as contact for conference facilitators and participants; provide necessary information pertaining to changes.
  • Ensure conference data is entered and reconciled for accuracy during the billing process.
  • Attend all orientation and training for Summer Operations Associates
  • Attend weekly staff meetings with Student Managers and Planners
  • Attend one-on-one meetings with Student Managers
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Factors

Supervision Received: General supervision by Conference Planners, Summer Operations Professional Staff and Student Managers
Supervision Given: Occasional guidance to coworkers
Decision-Making: Occasionally adapts established procedures to resolve unusual cases, recommends policy and procedural changes within the department.
Accountability: Significant accountability through a scope of impact beyond the University
Contacts: Receive and provide information within the university.  Assist with complex business and is a liaison between Service Center operations, Conference Planners, and conference facilitators.  Work directly with a diverse guest/student population.
Working Conditions: Typically lifts 20–50 lbs. Normal visual concentration. Limited exposure to hazards.

Skills for Success — essential skills for individual and organizational success

  • Is flexible, open, and receptive to new ideas and approaches

  • Adapts to changing priorities, situations, and demands

  • Handles multiple tasks and priorities

  • Demonstrates the ability to express thoughts clearly, both orally and in writing

  • Demonstrates effective listening skills

  • Shares knowledge and information

  • Asks questions

  • Is approachable and accessible to others

  • Reaches out to be helpful in a timely and responsive manner

  • Strives to satisfy internal and external customers

  • Is diplomatic, courteous, and welcoming

  • Shows respect for differences in backgrounds, lifestyles, viewpoints, and needs in reference to areas such as ethnicity, race, gender, creed, and sexual orientation
  • Promotes cooperation and a welcoming environment for all
  • Works to understand the perspectives brought by all individuals
  • Builds working relationships to solve problems and achieve common goals
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Offers assistance, support, and feedback to others
  • Shows initiative, anticipates needs, and takes actions
  • Engages in problem-solving; demonstrates innovation and creativity
  • Suggests ways to improve and be more efficient
  • Strives to achieve individual, unit, and university goals
  • Enhances personal knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Anticipates and adapts to technological advances and other changes as needed
  • Seeks and acts upon performance feedback
  • Demonstrates accountability in all work responsibilities
  • Exercises sound and ethical judgment
  • Shows commitment to work and to consequences of own actions