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Tips for Virtual Event Attendees

As an attendee of a virtual event, you want to make sure that you are prepared and set for success. The tips that follow will help guide you through all stages of preparing for a successful event.

Prior to Event  

  • Check internet connection to ensure that the streaming will be smooth  
  • Find a quiet space and be sure it will remain quiet  
  • Set up in front of a solid wall if your video will be on  
  • Have a light source in front of you and not directly behind you  
  • Use earbuds to hear clear audio  
  • Silence cell phones and computer notifications  

During the Event  

  • Join the webinar/meeting early  
  • Make sure to mute yourself  
  • Take notes if necessary  
  • Ask questions on topics for which you don’t understand or need clarification; this is a great way to become more engaged   
  • Remove any distractions and refrain from checking your email, cellphone, etc.   

After the Meeting  

  • Follow-up with the presenters with any questions you may have if allowed  
  • If there are deliverables required for the next meeting/webinar, be sure to outline and prepare for those deliverables  
  • Complete surveys