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Registering Your Event

The Event Registration Process takes place at the same time as requesting/reserving space. Once you begin the process of requesting space using the Scheduling@Cornell system, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions about your event. For basic meetings, the process will be relatively easy. However, for more complex events, questions may expand and ask for additional information or details.

Here's an example of some of the questions you will be asked:

  • Will your event have alcohol?
  • Will your event have food?
  • Is your event being held outdoors, and not a rally, protest, or tabling?
  • Will you have an artist or music at your event?
  • Will your event feature a speaker, artist, or dignitary?
  • Will your event be streamed, broadcast, photographed, or recorded for distribution?
  • Does your event include sales or fundraising?
  • Will you be selling or distributing merchandise?
  • Will any of your attendees be from outside the Cornell community?
  • Will you be using the Cornell logo, Cornell name, department logo, or other Cornell artwork?
  • Will your event have decorations, lighting, amplified sound, or involve artwork or a large structure?
  • Does your event have parking or traffic needs?

Most events require two (2) weeks advance notice. However, if your event includes any of the following, you must submit your request at least four (4) weeks in advance:

  • Larger concerts or high profile events (i.e., notable speakers, performers, etc.)
  • Any event that involves a stage or tent
  • Late night events (events that begin or end after 11:00 pm, or considered 'all-nighters')
  • Events that may require a permit (stage, tent, temporary food permit, noise permit, large gathering permit, etc.)
  • Outdoor events that will require a complex setup